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All Requisites for the Best Wallpaper

The size of the wallpaper pattern you decide can make the room seem larger or smaller. For sure if the background is dark, the wall will seem closer to the viewer, suitable for creating a more welcoming atmosphere.

How to paint a room: guide to designing paint combinations

On the contrary, a light and bright wallpapersingapore can give air to the space, creating an elegant atmosphere that lasts over time.The combination of wall painting and paper can be an effective way to give a room a new perspective. Choose a paper-like wall paint to ensure a bold print fits in a space.If, on the other hand, you want to bring out the tones of the paper, choose neutral, pastel and simple colors for the rest of the walls, so as not to weigh down the rest.

What you must not do when you are about to choose wallpaper

It happens that for the hurry to choose you may underestimate some fundamental elements:Often the images you see on the internet are not 100% true to true color. Some grays may appear warmer in catalogs than they are, others more or less strong colors of the wallpaper singapore.

We advise you not to choose at random, but to have samples sent to you to get an idea of the texture and color of the decoration in natural light. Many companies provide this service. Use it to your advantage!

Laying motifs repeated too many times

A very figurative motif, such as a floral or a geometric one, adds a lot of character to the room. Large grounds have the ability to enlarge the environment. Reasons repeated too many times, on the other hand, can annoy the eye, seeming a mistake. Pay attention to the scale of the drawing! The most important paper brands create an ad hoc project on the walls, with the design adapted to the actual dimensions of the room.